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Bonjour, Le R est désormais fermé pour l'intersaison. Retrouvez cependant nos produits en Click and Collect au Strike à partir du 22/04/2024. 

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Cheese & meats

A feast for your senses in all shapes, sizes, and flavors.

All our cheeses and meats are carefully selected for their exceptional characters and unique savors.

Awarded cheese produced from raw milk, Brézain raclette cheese smoked over wooden fire,
St Niklaus cheese imported from our Swiss neighbors or exceptional meats such as wagyu beef,
Savoyard and Iberian charcuterie. Each reference has its own history, identity
and savory assets. From prominent suppliers to local farmers we put effort into sourcing
the very best references of each product for a unique taste experience.



If you fancy yourself a charcuterie connoisseur or identify as a genuine meat lover, Le R is you go-to spot for a real treat. Here, beef rhymes with Wagyu and the section of cured meat offers you mouthwatering Iberian and local references.

Try a Pierrade© to take away for dinner at your place – we will cut the most tender and juicy meats of your preference and lend you a cooking stone for you to sear it to perfection in good company.


Cheese is an integral part of French culture and embodies centuries of savoir-faire and culinary tradition. Discover the aromatic richness and unique tastes of our cheeses to be enjoyed raw, melted, as an aperitif or for dinner, on the spot, to take away or even as a gift to the cheese addict in your life.

Try our tailor-made cheese boards or cheesy Savoyard meals to take away, such as fondue or raclette. We provide you with the equipment you need for a successful tasty dinner at your place (melting pot, raclette grill etc).


Our boards with savory meats, cheeses and local specialties can either be enjoyed in our tasting bar or to go.

Perfect to accompany any convivial moment  or as a pre-dinner treat with your loved ones.
We tailor make the boards exactly according to your preference and occasion.